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Love Not Departed

LoveNotDeparted USE THIS ONE - Copy - CopyCalvin Carter, grieving widower, avid sailboater, meets Rhonda Slater, cat lover and recent widow. Despite their mutual attraction there are obstacles in their path to love. Potential objection from Rhonda’s daughter is easily handled, but not so easy to thwart is the jealous reaction of Rhonda’s deceased husband, George.

The spirit of Calvin’s wife Maryanne wants him to find happiness, as she tells him in a telephone call from the beyond. George on the other hand is determined to destroy the love match any way he can. If he can’t have Rhonda then neither can anyone else, and he’s ready to do whatever he can to rock the boat – literally as well as figuratively.

Can Maryanne prevent George from ruining a new happily-ever-after relationship?

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