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Two novellas, one book!

The Piano Player
In 1886 Yuma, Arizona Territory, widowed and desperate Abigail, takes a job playing the piano in a brothel. Two men fall in love with her and two others want her dead. A new life awaits her, but will she find happiness in this wild frontier town?
Loving the Enemy
A post World War 2 romantic novella based on a true story–Helga Morgen falls in love with a Russian Army captain on first sight. Ivan is not only tall, blond, clean shaven and handsome, but also rescues the citizens of Berlin who were doomed by the Nazis during the last days of war. With a working knowledge of Russian, Helga gets a job at the Russian headquarters. Ivan is her supervisor and protector. When she disregards a warning, her life is in danger. Helga flees from the Soviet Zone and the man she loves. Will she and Ivan be able to overcome the cold war and get back together?