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RELEASED my latest book

RELEASED is the story of Lorraine Albright Lopez who is released from an Arizona prison. She had no contact with her children for 15 years. Now at the age of 37 she is aiming to connect with them. She travels across the country in a small motor home. Along the way she finds something she was not looking for. Returning to Yuma, Arizona puts her life in danger. Will she truly be able to overcome the pains of the past?

“Seybold_Smith writes a touching tale of second-chance love and forgiveness with charming characters and real-life experiences that makes you think the author has been there and knows what she is talking about.”  Taylor Jones, Reviewer

“RELEASED is a poignant and heart-warming story of second chances, courage, and the scars that domestic abuse can leave on its innocent victims. Seybold-Smith has constructed a good solid lot with endearing and intriguing characters that tug at your heartstrings.”  Regan Murphy, Reviewer

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